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We strongly recommend that all equines are vaccinated against equine influenza (flu) and tetanus.

As a general rule of thumb, vaccine manufacturer recommendations are a good guideline to vaccination schedules.

Combined influenza and tetanus vaccine:

Primary vaccination course:

  • First injection from six months of age
  • Second injection four weeks later
  • Third injection is given five months later (six months after the first injection)
  • Thereafter booster vaccinations are given every 12 months

During this time your vet will alternate influenza and tetanus vaccines as required by the schedule.

For most horses and ponies in our practice this would be appropriate, however, depending on your particular circumstances different vaccination protocols may apply and should be discussed with your vet prior to vaccination.

If you enjoy competing with your horse or pony at any level, vaccination will be required by the governing body of your sport. The society with whom you compete will state which regulations they expect you to follow.

Please be aware governing bodies need to follow very strict vaccination protocols. These schedules require horses and ponies to be vaccinated within a set number of days and late booster vaccinations may make animals ineligible to compete and require vaccination restart. Please check with your society and be sure of your horses exact requirements for vaccination.

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