LifetimeFlex and 365Flex

MiPet Cover pet insurance policies offer pet owners peace of mind that the costs of veterinary care can be covered in the event of their pet’s unexpected illnesses or injuries.

They aim to help more pet owners find a suitable policy for their cats and dogs at a price that’s affordable for them.

LifetimeFlex: Lifelong cover to suit your pet’s needs… and your budget

LifetimeFlex gives pet owners greater choice and flexibility when it comes to choosing suitable lifelong cover for their dogs and cats.

With vet fee cover ranging from £2,000 to £12,000, a selection of fixed excess amounts and a bundle of other great benefits, you can enjoy being in control of choosing a lifetime policy that suits both your pet’s needs and your budget.

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365Flex: 12 months’ cover for new illnesses and injuries

365Flex comes with the option of £2,500 or £5,000 in vet fee cover amongst a range of other benefits and offers 12 months of cover for new illnesses and injuries.

Once the 12-month period is over, any conditions that came about during that time may no longer be covered by any pet insurance provider. You can continue to renew your 365Flex cover providing the insurer offers renewal, but it’s worth noting that pre-existing conditions cannot be claimed for.

The 365Flex pet insurance policy is better suited to older pets who are finding it difficult to obtain adequate cover in their senior years.

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