Dairy cows in a barn


Our farm animal services are run from our Strichen office where we offer all aspects of routine and emergency care.

Buchan Vets have a longstanding  history in farm animal practice, from the hobbyist smallholder to large scale commercial units and pedigree breeders. Among our staff members are beef, sheep and dairy farmers.

In our every day work, our team of dedicated, enthusiastic large animal vets are committed to the care and treatment of  individual sick animals, calving cows and lambing ewes. At Buchan Vets we always strive to do more. Through sound preventative health planning, investigation and by building strong relationships with our farming community, we aim to help and support our clients to make their farms be all they can be.

Our services include:

  • 24-hour emergency cover for all our farm clients.
  • Routine cow fertility examination, pregnancy diagnosis and ultrasound scanning.
  • Pre-bulling heifer pelvic measurement.
  • Bull and tup fertility testing.
  • Bull and tup vasectomy.
  • Routine on farm surgery; including castration, dehorning and displaced abomasum correction.
  • Emergency on farm surgery; including cesarean section, fracture fixation and digit amputation.
  • Foot trimming/lameness management and advice.
  • Heard health planning conforming with farm assurance.
  • Advice and planning of farm biosecurity.
  • Vaccination strategy planning.
  • Pneumonia prevention planning.
  • Worming and ectoparasite strategy planning.
  • Sampling for heard health monitoring; trace elements, BVD, Johnes, Leptospirosis, etc.
  • APHA government OV duties; including farm animal exports, TB testing, sudden death and abortion enquiries.
  • Post-mortem investigations.

This list of services is by no means complete – please contact the Strichen practice if you have any further enquiries and we will endeavour to help.

We also provide continued learning opportunities for our clients, usually during the winter months. These are informal evening meetings covering a range of topics over a plate of stovies.

Should you require emergency attention our priority is to be on farm as soon as possible.

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